3D audio web player “ARCADE” at the WAC2017

Screenshot of the demo web player

Coronal presented a pure web 3D audio player integrating the ARCADE decoder technology during the Web Audio Conference 2017, at the Queen Mary University, London.

The ARCADE web player runs on the Web Audio API using ASM.js or WebAssembly (wasm). It can decode an ARCADE-encoded stereo stream to various 2D and 3D audio formats, including binaural (via Google Omnitone), VBAP, etc. It can also upmix stereo contents to these formats.

When running in mobile devices, the ARCADE web player tracks the device orientation in order to keep the sound scene still relative to the listener. The player integrates Coronal’s “Spheroscope” visualizer, that parallels the immersive audio with a visual analysis of the sound scene.

The ARCADE codec technology embeds a full 3D audio scene into a standard stereo carrier. The ARCADE decoder can render it to virtually any 3D audio format.