ARCADE Tech Preview 2.1.2 maintenance release

The ARCADE Tech Preview plugins have been updated to version 2.1.2 for macOS and Windows.

Changes in this release

  • Software libraries updated
  • Steinberg Cubase basic support by allowing the plug-ins to work on 4-channel tracks (‘LRCS’ or ‘Quad’, for up to 1st order ambisonic). For higher orders, please use another Digital Audio Workstation, for example REAPER.

Key features

  • Free VST and bit AAX plugins for macOS 10.10+ and Windows 8.1+.
  • FOA panner: a 1st order ambisonic panner.
  • ARCADE Encoder: encodes a soundfield over a stereo carrier using the ARCADE codec, in a stereo-compatible way.
  • ARCADE Decoder: decodes the encoded soundfield to Binaural, FOA FuMa, FOA AmbiX, SOA SN3D ACN. Please contact us for access to a version which implements more formats.