DuoMic : 3D audio recording with only 2 microphone capsules

Coronal Audio announces DuoMic: three new mic-ing techniques for recording surround or hemispherical 3D sound with only two microphone capsules.

These new mic-ing techniques differ from current 2D or 3D recording techniques, by:

  • the number of involved microphones, e.g. compared with an A-Format Spherical Harmonics device,
  • the versatility of the recorded signal, which allows transcoding to multiple formats, like matrixed surround or First-Order Spherical Harmonics (FOA), hence allowing to rotate the space, e.g. compared to binaural recordings.

Among their advantages:

  • they reduce the microphone hardware requirements, space, costs,
  • they reduce the recording device requirement, as a simple stereo recorder is sufficient.

Applications are in numerous domains:

  • smartphone or GoPro or 360 video recording devices attachment or embedding,
  • audiovisual & VR production, immersive recording, ambiance recording,
  • telecommunications, telepresence, robotics.

More details about these patented technologies will be released on October 1 at the Los Angeles AES AVAR conference, during the Longcat workshop.