ARCADE spatial audio codec

ARCADE is a patented spatial audio codec that allows encoding scene-based 3D audio over stereo with no additional metadata required. It allows encoding sources with height in a fully spherical manner. Its decoder is able to decode to virtually any 3D or 2D audio format, for example first-order or higher-order spherical harmonics (
FOA, HOA), VBAP, Surround, Binaural with or without head-tracking etc. The decoder also works as an upmixer for any stereo content, to any of the formats it can decode to.

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ARCADE is backward compatible

  • with supports: CD, Cassette, Vinyl…
  • with compression formats: Ogg Vorbis / Opus, MP3, AAC…
  • with stereo hardware: Jack, optical…
  • with stereo broadcast systems: TV, FM Radio…

ARCADE is content compatible

  • Stereo compatibility
  • Partial matrixed-surround compatibility
  • Upmix any stereo content to 3D or 2D formats

ARCADE is suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Rendering multiple 3D formats from the same audio asset: home-theater, personalized binaural with headtracking etc.
  • Embedded decoding  for headphone: head-tracked, personalized binaural rendering from a stereo analog stream
  • 360 video or audio distribution
  • VR/AR game engines: sound asset storage, 3D rendering…
  • Telecom, Telepresence, Teleconference
  • Car audio systems